How to Decorate with Wallpaper for Maximum Impact

written by fabricandco on November 14, 2014 in News with no comments

Wallpaper can add instant decoration to a room, bring warmth and colour and make a house feel instantly furnished. Here are a few tips to make choosing and using wallpaper easier.

Small Scale Designs

Smaller scale designs, floral motifs or small repeating designs can create a sense of calm in a room and are often easier to live with than big bold prints. We love these elegant butterflies on a soft silvery lace stripe which, on closer inspection, reveals spiders, ladybirds, ants and centipedes marching up the paper. The wallpaper comes in Ice Blue and Raspberry colour options by Barneby Gates.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.52.28

Accent Walls

The fashion for feature walls has waned, but using paper to cover just one wall is still a good option, provided you choose a design that is less strident, perhaps a design based on nature or in a softer colouring. Papering a chinmey breast or an alcove has a similar effect – creating a small, contained section that appears almost like an artwork in a room.

Honey Bees by Barneby Gates is a geometric honeycomb interspersed with bees, created using the traditional surface print technique for a hand-stamped finish. It comes in three colours Gold, Rose and Charcoal.

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Alternative Papering Ideas

Papering smaller areas can be effective and bring character to a room without the commitment of papering whole walls. Papering the inside of a cupboard, a dresser, or wire or glass-fronted armoire has the effect of creating a collage behind plates or accessories. Papering the front of a piece of furniture – a chest or drawers or cupboard looks effective. Seal with a mat varnish to make more the paper more durable.

This can work especially well in a children’s bedroom or play area. Hibou Home has a fabulous selection of charming prints from Gymkhana to Enchanted Wood and Cactus Cowboy, ideal for any little boy or girl!

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